Dairy and beverage machinery

Dairy and beverage machine

Milk collection and cooling tank

A) Cooling tank:-

Start from 200L to 3,000L with Open and close system

World standard equipment

B) Milk tanker truck:-

- Start from 3,000L to 15,000L with insulation and spray ball

Mixing tank processing

  1. Compact design

  2. Continues and smoothly transfer product

  3. Completely for powder ingredients mixing

Pasteurization machine

A) Machine model:-

  1. BPP- 500: Capacity 500LPH

  2. BPP- 1000: Capacity 1,000LPH

  3. BPP-2000: Capacity 2,000LPH

  4. By customer requirement

B) Operation system:-

  1. Manual

  2. Semi – Automatic

  3. Full Automatic with remote service

CIP – Machine

A) Machine model:

  1. BPC-500: Capacity 3 x 500L

  2. BPC-1000: Capacity 3x 1,000L

  3. BPC-2000: Capacity 3x 2,000L

  4. By customer requirement

B) Operation system:

  1. Manual

  2. Semi–Automatic

  3. Full Automatic with remote service

Processing line

- Start from receiving raw material to end of product line

Retort system

A) Application:-

Dairy product: Evaporative milk / Sterilized milk

Beverage product: Coconut juice / coconut milk etc.

Fish can or fruit and vegetable can product.

B) Operation type with direct steam and over pressure spray:-

Static retort

Rotary retort